PGM free catalysts for PEMFC

PGM free catalysts for PEMFC
Présenté par :PEGASUS
Date :14 et 15 Juin 2021
Durée :2 jours

Description and objectives:

– Presentation of the results obtained in the FCH-JU 2 funded Project PEGASUS.

– Presentation of the results obtained in other international projects working on PGM free  catalysts.

– Share vision on PGM free electrocatalysis for PEMFC application, receive comments and remarks  from the PEMFC community.

The webinar is in open access

PEGASUS has received funding from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking under grant agreement No 779550.
This Joint Undertaking receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme, Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe research.

Programme de la présentation :

14 June

15h00–15h15: Welcome and opening – Pierre-André Jacques  (CEA, France)

15h15–15h35: Fe-N-Carbon aerogel catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction:  from the synthesis to the electrBerthon-Fabry ochemical performance – Sandrine (ARMINES, France)

15h45–16h05: Modified CNT for ORR – Bruno Jousselme (CEA,  France)

16h05-16h25: Pegasus : synthesis and characterization of PGM free  catalysts – Sergio Rojas (CSIC, Spain)


16h45–17h05: CRESCENDO: project overview – Deborah Jones (CNRS,  France)

17h05 – 17h25: CRESCENDO: focus on technical results – Coming soon

17h25 – 18 h05: ElectroCat: Recent Progress in PGM-free Electrocatalysis – Piotr. Zelenay (LANL, US)

18h10 – 18h30: Nitrite and nitric oxide as probe molecules to assess active  site density in non-precious metal catalysts – in situ and ex  situ measurements – Anthony Kucernak  (Imperial college  London, UK)

15 June

15h00 – 15h45: Coming soon – Ulrike Kramm (TUD, Germany)

15h45 – 16h00: International library of PGM-free ORR catalysts for  PEMFC application within PEGASUS project – Li Wang (DLR, Germany)

16h00 – 16 h25: Investigation of PGM-free ORR catalysts at agglomerate  scale with SECM, AFM and numerical simulation – Alice Boudet (CEA, France)


16h50 – 17h05: Impact of the process on the active layer structure and  MEA performance – Pierre-André Jacques  (CEA, France)

17h05 – 17h25: Characterization of MEA integrating PEGASUS catalysts – Yan sheng Li (TUM, Germany)

17h30 – 18h00: Observation of PGM-free material transformations  during pyrolysis using in-situ techniques- Iryna Zenyuk (UC Irvine,  US)

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