FJOH : École d’été sur les réacteurs nucléaires «Physique, combustibles et systèmes»

FJOH : École d’été sur les réacteurs nucléaires
Présenté par :FJOH
Date :24 Août
Durée :10 jours

The main objective of the FJOH-2022 edition is to help the school participants broaden their knowledge of the nuclear power assets in the Energy Transition.

The FJOH-2022 participants will learn about:

  • The global factors driving the energy transition;
  • The scenario planning method used by nuclear and non-nuclear companies, organisations or states to make strategic decisions;
  • The conditions for keeping an interconnected power grid stable while balancing variable demand and supply;
  • How current nuclear reactors achieve flexible operation, what the constraints and limitations are, and how future reactor systems could do better;
  • The expanded use of nuclear power for providing decarbonized hydrogen, process heat, synthetic fuels, and other services.

As always with FJOH, the lectures will concentrate on the underlying scientific and technical aspects of the various systems
discussed, backed with facts and figures, with nuclear as a focal point.
By the end of the course, the participants should be able to explain how nuclear power can play a central role in various integrated low-carbon energy systems.
FJOH-2022 includes plenary lectures, group discussions, seminars, and technical visits. The invited speakers are internationally recognized experts from leading universities, research and development laboratories and industry.

Programme de la présentation :

The program of each School session is defined by the International FJOH Scientific Board.
FJOH is jointly organized by the CEA Energy Division (France) and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT, Germany).

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