List Day Asia 2021 - Online Event

List Day Asia 2021
Présenté par :CEA
Date :November 4th
Durée :1 day

2 Days to go before List Day Asia 2021!

With 1000 experts on smart digital systems including AI, robotics and digital instrumentation, CEA-List has become a leading R&D organization in the world. List Day Asia is the opportunity for Asian partners to get an update on CEA-List activities and chat online with CEA-List experts.

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Programme de la présentation :


  Head of CEA Tech Office in Asia
PROGRAM 15:30 – 18:00 (JST)
15:30 Opening of the seminar
Mr. Mounir Bakkali, CEA-List Industrial Partnerships Director
 15:35 Introduction to CEA-List at the heart of the digital transformation of industry
Dr. Alexande BOUNOUH – CEO of CEA-List

15 :45

Digital technologies serving the twin-transition in mobility industry
Mr. Yann GALLAIS, Smart mobility program Director
Environment Perception Technologies for Mobility
Mr. Majoun Ojail, Head of Embedded AI Laboratory
16:10 INDUSTRY 4.0
AI, robotics and digital twins at CEA-LIST : solutions for faster, agile and robust factories
Dr. Gregorio Ameyugo, Head of Ambiant Intelligence and Interactive Systems Division
The frontier of robust grasping and manipulation
Mr. Florian Gosselin, Robotics Senior Researcher, Ambiant Intelligence and Interactive Systems Division
Digital tools for Non destructive Evaluation and Structural Health Monitoring: Simulation, diagnostics, intelligence augmentation
Mr. Pierre Calmon, Senior Researcher, Instrumentation Program Director, Non Destructive Evalutation Division
Radical innovation for digital sovereignty: applied research in cybersecurity at CEA-List
Dr. Florent Kirchner, Head of Software and Systems Engineering Division
Binary-level Code Security: Break it, Prove it, Protect it (with formal methods)
Dr. Sebastien Bardin, Senior Researcher, Software and Systems Engineering Division
AI for promoting technological breakthrough in nuclear instrumentation
Dr. Karim Boudergui, Head of Sensors and Instrumentation Department
Advanced nuclear instrumentation for decommissioning purposes
Dr. Frédérick Carrel, Senior Researcher, Sensors and Instrumentation Department
Closing remarks
Mr. Mounir Bakkali, CEA-List Industrial Partnerships Director