The value proposition in lighting
Présenté par :Prof-DR Marc Fontoynont
Date :16 septembre à 11h00
Durée :60 minutes + questions

« The world is changing, the needs are changing and the perception of lighting expectations too. What is a Value proposition in lighting? A statement identifying clear, measurable and demonstrable benefits (tangible and non-tangible) associated to lighting: how to differentiate your product (or your service) to competitors? »

Speaker : Prof-DR Marc Fontoynont , AAU University, Copenhagen

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A l’issue des 60 minutes de présentations, il vous sera possible de poser des questions.

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Marc Fontoynont

Marc Fontoynont is presently Professor with special assignment at SBI, the Danish Building Research Institute (SBI) of Aalborg University in Copenhagen. He focuses on quality of the built environment (indoor and outdoor), exploring innovative schemes, developed in partnership with architects, engineers, industry and all stakeholders.

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